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Seamas Keating


Seamas Keating, Head of Forensics

Seamas is a Director and Head of our Forensic Division in Ireland which delivers expert reports and testimony for a wide range of commercial litigation, family law, estate disputes and insurance litigation matters for private businesses, listed organisations and public sector clients.

A leading figure in the industry, recommended by solicitors and barristers alike, Seamas combines his industry and sectoral expertise with modern forensic accounting techniques to provide skilled analysis and opinions on financial complexities in all types of legal matter, vital to supporting a winning case. Recognising that when the stakes are high, it’s the little things that make a BIG difference, Seamas has learnt how to get to the heart of most problems and has a proven track record of resolving cases as quickly and painlessly as possible for his clients.

Seamas is also a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner in both the UK and Ireland, and has acted on a significant number of high-profile corporate insolvency appointments and specialist IVAs across various sectors. Seamas has been successful in developing a niche offering to facilitate the restructure of large property investors and developers which has proved to be an excellent tool used to positively resolve complex property situations for both individual debtors and their lenders alike.