Our people

Nick Woodmansey


Nick is a Director with specialisms in forensic, valuations and corporate finance transactions. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Chartered Tax Adviser.

His forensic accounting work includes matrimonial financial investigations, valuations and the tax implications of the separation, loss of profits as a result of breach of contract or professional negligence, completion accounts disputes, expert determinations in valuations and loss of earnings due to incapacity. He has worked with Stuart Cowen, Forensic Partner, on a number significant commercial loss claims and professional negligence cases for insurance companies and corporates and has recently completed his Bond Solon Expert Witness Course.

In respect of valuations, in addition to mainstream corporate share valuations, Nick advises on niche areas such as intangible asset valuations, growth shares and other forward looking valuation models.

Nick also advises a number of rural landed estates around Plymouth on estate planning, including business advice, accounts, tax and succession planning. His focus is on ensuring clients have access to timely financial information, that assists in the decision making process for both day to day management and long term estate planning.