Our people

Colleen Flanaghan

Research & Development Lead

Colleen Flanagan, Research & Development Lead

Colleen leads our Cross Border R&D Tax Credit Division which is made up of All Island R&D Tax Specialists based both North and South of the Irish border, who are experts on the intricacies and complex reporting requirements of both tax jurisdictions on the Island of Ireland.

Colleen is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, however her passion lies in working with innovative companies and ambitious businesses across the UK and Ireland. She has a proven track record of Unlocking R&D potential, resulting in significant tax savings for her clients – helping innovative businesses grow. She utilises a slick and quick process which has achieved 100% success rate on claims submitted to ensure clients achieve the maximum benefit from their innovation activity, every time!

Colleen started out her career with the Big Four and has achieved a number of notable firsts along the way – positioning first in Ireland in her tax exams as well as being among the first in Ireland to receive a Chartered Accountant’s Certificate in Customs & Trade.